September 24, 2023

— Fingered In The Withholding Of Ideato North And South Certificates of Return

Festus Okoye With Same-Same Partner Ugochinyere Frustrating APC At National And His Home State In Imo State

…..Doing the bidding of Tambuwal’PDP Who Nominated Him As INEC Commissioner

It has been revealed to us that the drummer in the bush who is beating for which the mád man is dancing to at the road side is Mr. Festus Okoye Esq as his neutrality in the as an electoral umpire can no longer be ascertained.

From very reliable sources, it is Festus Okoye whom it has been discovered is now doing the bidding of his Same-Same Partner, Mr. Ugochinyere Ikeagwuonu who now controls the INEC in the state to dish out instruction on what to do.

In the instant cases of Ideato North and Ideato South comes to mind as the certificates of return for the two members-elect from the place who were validly declared as winners and legally returned elected were withheld at the instance of Ugochinyere Ikeagwuonu as those issuing the certificates cited order from Abuja, presumably from the stables of Mr. Festus Okoye who is in cahoot of his Same-Same Partner.

This is putting the whole nation and indeed Imo people on notice the alleged dirty dealings of Okoye who is unduly trying to using his position in INEC’s head office to subvert the popular will of the people in Imo State, most especially at Ideato Nation.

Mr. Festus Okoye should know that his game is up and hands off the popular mandates of ndị Ideato Nation given by their representatives who they voted overwhelmingly during the last state assembly elections in the state.

Ndi Ideato North and south demands the immediate issuance of certificates of return for members-elect and Festus Okoye must be made to know that the people can no longer watch as he undermines their collective mandate.

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