Gov. Uzodimma Applauded on Peaceful and Successful APC Presidential Primary/Convention



The APC National Special Convention(Presidential Primary) has come and gone but not without Gov. Hope Uzodimma as the rallying point and a man whose democratic stand continues to single him out. Just before the convention, many onlookers and even political players have all placed their bet on a botched convention in their imaginary mind will burial the party. APC knows her own and within 48hours to the primary appointed Gov. Hope Uzodimma as the Chairman of the special convention and where he proved his mettle that saw to the peaceful emergence of our party’s Presidential flag bearer, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. A service to the party that can never be easily forgotten now and in the future.


Gov. Hope Uzodimma and his committed team dashed the hopes of his naysayers by putting up such a colorful event, management of the delegates and most especially the Presidential aspirants were all good but the best was needed for the APC and Nigeria. He continued as a trailblazer and a leader who is not just endowed with great political skills but one who enjoys the mastery of organization and his ingenuity in recording success to every task given to him.


A look at the Eagle Square were the convention took place, exposes the sincerity of Gov. Uzodimma in giving APC the best convention and a shift to the “new normal”. The well organized venue, state by state delegates stand, a separate venue for delegates screening, the presence of security personnel, strong built podium, free flow of human and vehicular movement and the band of entertainers all doused every form of fear and eventuality.


The orderly and alphabetical manner in which delegates were conducted to vote according to their states for the 23 Presidential candidates was free, fair, credible and transparent and while it may have seemed to be difficult to manage over 2000 delegates of the party for that exercise, in the end Bola Ahmed Tinubu won and other candidates were all satisfied over the process and rather than an implosion as predicted by political marauders, it was a happy ending that unified the party.


Other Presidential candidates has continued to throw their support and even collapse their structures to the winner whom they believe will lead the party to victory in the 2023 Presidential election and this conviction resonates from a convention that was blameless and devoid of electoral malpractices and other ugly vices. This is to the credit of Gov. Hope Uzodimma who has always maintained his visible love for the party and a person who prefers the party first before personal interest.


He has continued to receive encomiums and commendation which has been a source of encouragement to Gov. Hope Uzodimma and his workaholic team during the convention. This only has shown that with dedication, hardwork, patriotism and high focus, Uzodimma dwarfed the opposition and conquered many of the problems that would’ve resulted after the convention.


Gov. Hope Uzodimma whose humble nature has continued to absolve him of personal gratification and self glory will continue to work towards the success of the party and most especially as the party prepares for the general election. His firm resolve to work with the Presidential candidate of the party proves that APC will win massively.


As the rallying point of politics in Southeast, Gov. Hope Uzodimma will ensure that not just Imo and Ebonyi will deliver massive votes for the APC but the entire Southeast as well as every elective position must be retained and reclaimed by the party in 2023.


It is on this premises that i congratulate the People’s Governor, Sen. Hope Uzodimma over the peaceful, free and fair conduct of the Presidential primary and having highlighted his antecedents and services to our great party the APC, it is expected that more of these national assignments will come as the reward for a good work is more work.


There is no doubt that with your vast knowledge, you will continue to lead APC both in the state and the national to the path of victory especially in the forthcoming general election and we hold no fear that with you in the scheme of events, Southeast will continue to be pivotal and special in the scheme of national events.


Without reservations, Your Excellency, have continued to be an institution of humility, selfless service, focus, dedication, impacts to us all and most especially in the field of politics and we will uphold your ingenuity as a father to us all.



Nze Chinasa Chidi Nwaneri

SA special duties

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