If You Don’t Plan To Marry A Lady, Never Do These 3 Things To Her


Most men see this as nothing and it later affects them in the future. Some men will continue to remain impotent simply because of their past and what they have done during their youth days.

1.Never Impregnate a lady you know fully well you can’t marry.

There has been several cases where men impregnate a woman and then starts to say stories that they can’t marry her. Some would say she’s not their type, not educated or he’s not yet ready to be a father.


2) Never Promise her marriage when you know that it can’t work.

Some ladies already have high hopes thinking you will marry them like you promised. You can date someone without promising the person marriage.

3 Never have intimacy with someone you don’t want to marry

. This could lead to unwanted pregnancy and both of you are not ready for that,
Some guys even go as far as breaking a lady’s virginity and telling her lies that you would marry her. These things would have its effects in the future

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