Money By Matthew Edeh Sunday

The love of you,
Breeds every evil,
Still nobody hates you.

As resistless as the wind,
You are admired and desired,
With all restlessness as the sea you are hunted.

As small as an atom,
Grip to the mercy of even a baby,
Yet so powerful to control roles of nations.

Your absences impart sense,
Import poverty stricken in colours,
As peace also goes to sleep.

Your presence obsess sense,
Hyper impulsive acts,
Due to want and desire sailing your ship.

Juniors become seniors,
As even kings are made servants,
Though mouthless your voice is heard everywhere.

The sinews of war,
Insuperable innumerable fraudulent in facet,
Assault, insult and fraught on the other side.

Many sold their bodies for you,
Some others are killed in your name.

You glow the hearts of your lovers,
Govern the minds of those enslaved by you.

Doing and giving up all to have you,
Perish and gone without you.

Vanity upon vanity,
The worse nightmarish scenario,
Neglecting her prevent regretting.

My name is Matthew Edeh Sunday. Am from Benue State and a student in the state University. I Started writing 2019 and it has been an amazing journey.
It was surprising because It never crossed my mind that I would be on this route. I abandoned her during college days for geography but gradually the ink found me. Am happy because she has never stopped bleeding.

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