September 24, 2023

Sir Lambert Okoro writes from owerri west, Imo state.

we have witnessed an unprecedented high level of violence which the current government is gallantly fighting to suppress and ensure that peace is restored in the state.

With recent killings, Onyeaguocha have suddenly lost his voice and went dumb over the these killings in Agwa, oguta local government, in tacit support and silent adulation of his boys for a job well done.

As a notorious anti statesman, onyeaguocha is famous for his candour in condemning the response of security agencies each time they record success against his boys in the state, in the fight against banditry.

Despite the effort of the state government which is manifest, some politicians in the state who are the unseen co hands in the series of these violence and banditry have sworn to keep Imo state in the news for bad reason. The killing of 4 police men, an APC stalwart and a pregnant woman police in agwa, oguta LGA, is condemnable and ought to be condemned by all men of good conscience but for uche onyeaguocha and co.

We have reluctantly accepted the only conclusion provided by our investigation and analysis of the recent events that, these kiliings are politically motivated by the PDP, led by their bulldog, uche onyeaguocha, who have constantly condemned the government’s effort in steming the tide of violence and banditry in orlu and elsewhere in the state. We have it on good authority that uche onyeaguocha is deeply involved in the conspiracy and sponsorship of banditry raging on in the state.

We hereby call on the heads of security agencies in Nigeria to investigate uche onyeaguocha and his alleged involvement in this gruesome killing of 4 police men, an APC party stalwart and a pregnant officer in cold blood in Agwa, oguta local government and ensure that the law takes its cause.

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