Silly Mistakes Men Make After Making Love To Woman


There are things that men do after sex that really annoy women. Some are so bad they even risk spoiling the relationship as it is.


Relationship experts have proven that showing a woman affection right after you make love to her draws her closer to you.

However, many men make typical mistakes after s3x that either risk the relationship or ends it immediately.

Here are six blunders men make right after they make love to a woman.

1) Describe her facial expressions

No woman wants to be judged or made fun of after sex. Describing her sexual expressions when she climaxes can be annoying and will put her off. Women simply want to enjoy the sex.

“Women want to lose themselves during sex. The last thing they want is someone giving them a blow-by-blow description of their most intimate moments.

2) Failing to return the favour

In most cases, men will ejaculate first and after they do, they forget about their partners. These kinds of men act as though the woman reaching orgasm is totally irrelevant.

If you are a man and you have this problem, make sure to make her orgasm first before you do.

3) Asking for feedback

Most men want to know how they performed after s3x. Was it good, bad, moderate, excellent? Such compliments can either boost or lower his ego and might determine whether he will have s3x with the woman again or not. Most men like to be rated especially if it is the first time.

4) Expecting round two

Sex is tiring because it is an exercise and that is why most men will sleep after intercourse. However, some men are don’t get tired.

Five minutes after orgasm and they want to jump on you all over again. Saying no will only hurt their ego, you’ll make them feel as though they poorly performed in the first round which is not the case.

5) Falling to clean up

Sex can be messy, however, dont forget to clean up and end up falling asleep. If you won’t take a shower, at least use some tissue to wipe your mess.

6) Telling her some information that she should have known before the sex

You are done having all the fun and then he drops the bombshell, “by the way, I have an STI, sorry I forgot to mention,” Withholding some information could really hurt your partner’s feelings.

“Depending on the information you’re divulging, your partner may also feel betrayed and angry. Be respectful and open up [beforehand] so your partner can make an informed decision about whether or not they want to have sex with you, just like you got to make the same informed decision,” says Kristen Lilla, a Certified Sex Therapist and Certified Sexuality Educator.

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