1. Don’t have another woman/man apart from your spouse

2. Thou should not speak evil about your spouse to your family.

3. Men, Remember the labour of your wife when you were poor. So when you are rich honour her.

4. Don’t compare your spouse to any man or woman,.. Not even your father or mother

5. Men:-6 days maximum shall thee work 1 day shall be a Sabbath day for your wife.

6. Honour your father and mother In-law so that their daughter will not return to them and so that they won’t regret releasing their son for you.

7. Do not insult your spouse in public so that people will not know your foolishness.

8. Forgive your spouse 70×7 in 1 day.

9. Thou shall make your spouse happy at all times. Always ask him/ her: Are you happy ?

10. Men :-Thou shall not say to your wife; leave my house. No matter what. because you are the one that should leave. Yes, She owns the House.

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