Ufia Utonkon women wage a peaceful protest against herdsmen and insecurity

As the country keep facing the smack of insecurity, bandit molestations and kidnapping.

The Ufia Utonkon women of Ado Local Government, Benue State this morning arose with anger but with a peaceful protest against herdsmen molestations and cruel guise.
It started in the early hours of today as women marched from Ukwonyo avarichi with cassava stems to the big junction in utonkon.

The women were so bittered due to how their farmlands were invaded and destroyed by cattles.

ParrotNG gathered that; They kneeled and uttered curses on both the perpetrators and any one whose hand was involved in the act of illegal either killings, cultism, Fulani herdsmen and kidnappers to be cursed by the Land.


  1. A land of many foods in Benue state is now a lone of no food. A land where someone who you dont know can give you a basin of garri is now where a cup is sold for 100# because of bad government and insecurity. Our land need peace and we can’t keep quiet over that

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