September 24, 2023

The criminal summons issued by a District Court against Ugochinyere Ikeagwuonu is still pending hearing as adjourned to January 2023.

There is no interlocutory appeal filed before the district Court against the ruling of the court, it will amount to abuse of court process for any court to assume jurisdiction over a matter that is pending before another court.

A high court in the circumstance can only sit on appeal over the ruling/order of a district court and we state equivocally that there is no such appeal. We challenge ugochinyere to provide the suit number in which the court made the purported order.

Note: Ugochinyere Ikeagwuonu have already, through his counsel admitted to making the defamatory statement for which he is accused of. Ugochinyere should wait for his day in court.

J. C. Nwosu Esq.

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