ZUGACOIN: Sam Zuga Says You’re Not Doing Him Favour By Buying or Holding ZUGACOIN


The best way to solve a problem is to identify that problem. As much as I appointed leaders at all levels, they are all waiting for the next line of action which I am about to release, I can’t continue treating the symptoms and leaving the real cause of the sickness.

When you are a thief, you look at anyone as a thief, when you are truthful, you don’t suspect anyone, you always believe they are also trustworthy. Stop approaching me the way you do things. I am doing this project with passion and compassion, with all zeal and sincerity. I am pursuing it with love and faith that I must succeed. If all of you came in like me, I couldn’t have been telling stories and writing epistles. You are approaching the ZUGACOIN project the same way you approached Nigeria and make it a point of mockery. Many Nigerians always want to take out of every system they find themselves in. That is why it is difficult to get a good leader in Nigeria, because, everyone aspires to go in as a leader to get the baptismal name of corruption instead of stealing. Don’t look at me as one of you, I am a different person, the earliest you know this, the best for you.

I want to tell all you that are seeing problems everywhere in the Samzuga ecosystem, that there is no problem anywhere except your personal interest mentality. Remove personal interest, take this project as your own, deal with people in love, not with anger and hatred.

Stop thinking that you invested in ZUGACOIN, you only exchange your paper money and were given digital money. Just like people do change Dollars to Naira. Investment is when you drop your money to wait for profit. Know the difference and stop displaying your ignorance publicly. You merchants, you sold your goods and collected ZUGACOIN which is a cryptocurrency listed on a platform where other Cryptocurrencies are. Know this and stop looking for people to blame. The transaction was successful.

Stop thinking that you did me a favor, either by buying ZUGACOIN or selling in ZUGACOIN. You heard of the benefits and you came for it, you could have gotten the benefits but your greed and ignorance denied you, but it is not too late to amend your ways and get the benefits. I have not been favoured in my life by people, I paid dearly for anything I ever received. The first person who gave me the first 100,000 I ever received in my life is Etsu Nupe, Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar, he is a Muslim King in Bida Niger State. This was in 2016 when I was already moving on a convoy. But I value that money and I will keep talking about it because, he was the first person to see me as someone who can also need help. How come you suddenly started doing me favor by buying ZUGACOIN or selling things in ZUGACOIN just to promote my business? Let us speak the truth for once please. You are expecting me to be pampering you because you are doing me a favor, forgetting the pains I do go through everyday to ensure that your story is changed positively. I want to say categorically that I don’t need your favor, let us face reality.

You don’t want to humble yourselves and learn how the digital financial system I built for you works, you are busy finding faults and giving suggestions. Oga! Humble yourself and study the Samzuga ecosystem and get your financial freedom.


All the appointed leaders should watch out for the next line of action, we are good to go, there shall be no dull moment henceforth. But all of you should get ready to play the game according to the rules of the game.

Archbishop Prof Sam Zuga (The Lion of Africa, Jehovah’s Field Marshall)

Source: Zuga Facebook page

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